Lunan Bay Stays

Dear guests and customers

It is with much sadness and disappointment that we have to announce that we have decided to keep the entire resort closed until next season and look to re-open on the 27th of March 2021.

We have come to an agreement with staff and the decision is based on 3 main criteria.


Firstly, being unable to fulfil the government criteria on assessing risk on re-opening. Due to the popularity of Lunan Bay it would be impossible for us to manage capacity and risks associated with that. Our duty to protect staff, guests and customers would be compromised and it isn’t something we are prepared to put at risk.

Secondly, we have a duty to operate our business while considering the effects we have on the local community. At this time, we think it wouldn’t be appropriate to encourage even more visitors by opening accommodation and restaurants.

Thirdly, we will have missed nearly 4 months of our summer season by the time we can begin to open. We are very much a seasonal business and rely on the income in the summer months to see us through the winter and keep a core number of staff on. Typically, the weather has been great so far this year and it would have been one of our good years. However, it would be a big risk for us to spend our cash reserves on new regulations as a lot of our business is weather dependent and we would prefer to use these reserves to see our staff through the next few months as they have to be our main priority.

All accommodation reservations should now have been informed and cancellation will be confirmed on reply of accepting a refund or voucher. If you have not received the cancellation notice email, please let us know as soon as possible.

If you have an exclusive use reservation or function booked at the hotel this is an area we would manage to contain for one specific group. These reservations will remain in place and will go ahead as long as it is within the government guidelines. We will also be able to take more bookings for this type of reservation once we have seen the government criteria.

We would like to thank everyone who has offered us encouragement and been so supportive through what is an ongoing very difficult period. 


We would now like to take the next few months to focus entirely on our family, staff and help the local community in any way we can. For that reason, we will be taking a break from social media for other than essential updates. 

If anyone would like to contact us they can email us at

We wish all of you all the best for the rest of the year ahead and we look forward to welcoming you back next year in what we hope will be happier and certain times again.


Lunan Bay Stays