We work with multiple partners and agencies to help preserve the natural beauty of Lunan Bay. Lunan Farms stretches from the waterfall to the north to the mouth of the river to the south and ends at the high tide mark on the bay. Our parent company Lunan Leisure Ltd is responsible for the day to day operation of this part of the farm and the protection of natural landscape and the wildlife that thrive on it. 

Working with Angus Council access for vehicles and car parking is provided free of charge to visitors between the hours of 0800-2000. After this there is alternative parking on the farm which remains free for vehicles parked less than 2 hours. For vehicles that want to remain longer than 2 hours there are charges outlined below. 

We are dedicated to keeping Lunan Bay as environmentally friendly as possible. There are bins provided in the car park and we would encourage people to take their recyclable material home or to a recycling centre. If you witness anyone littering or causing any environmental damage please contact one of our staff or call the non-emergency police line on 101.